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How GoZone WiFi Helps

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Captive portals enable businesses to interact with customers online, gather valuable data, and offer tailored promotions, creating more meaningful customer relationships. 

2. Data Insights: Captive portals provide access to valuable customer data, such as demographics and browsing behavior, which can inform marketing strategies and improve decision-making. 

3. Security and Control: Businesses can ensure network security and control access to their Wi-Fi network with captive portals, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring a smooth user experience.


Turn Your Guests' Insights Into 
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Why Our Clients Love Working With Us

"We now know who our customers are and can use our own email marketing platform to communicate with our guests. In the 2+ years since we’ve partnered with GoZone, our rate of return customers has dramatically increased."

"Rate of return customers has dramatically increased"

Adam Perhosky
Director of Marketing

"Our following continues to grow every day"

Jack Dingeman
Business Owner

"GoZone’s Smart WiFi has dramatically increased our Facebook likes and social media presence. Our following continues to grow every day - and the best part is that it’s completely automated. Set it and forget it!"

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Why Should You Choose GoZone WiFi?

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"Responsive, friendly, and capable"

Dustin Wadsworth
Digital Marketing Director

"Very responsive, friendly, and capable. GoZone WiFi provides a simple solution to capture our customer emails and enhance our ability to promote future events coming to our venue. We also see great benefit in custom sponsorship opportunities for our partners thanks to the flexibility of the captive portal and email or couponing solutions that are built in to GoZone’s product."

"If you are in the market to get as much data about the customers in your business, this tool is for you. It allows me to understand where my customers are coming from, how they are generally communicating over social media platforms, and allows me to tailor communication to them about my business."

"Allows me to tailor communication"

Phil Scavo
Restaurant Owner

Don't leave your customers' data on the table!


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How GoZone WiFi Stacks Up

•  Earn more revenue with higher margins

•  Tiered pricing based on usage, not APs, means more revenue, more flexibility, and higher margins

•  Several partnership offers means more flexibility

•  Access to our experienced, professional, and knowledgeable technical support and partner success teams

•  Simpler account activation and management via a single dashboard

•  Custom development at your fingertips

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